Weston Democratic Town Committee 

Welcome to the Democratic Town Committee website.  The Town Committee is made up of 35 members elected every two years to represent the interests of Weston Democrats.  We nominate candidates to serve on Weston’s boards and commissions, and work to further the policies and philosophy of the Democratic Party on the local, state, and national level.


Our 2013 local election campaign was a great success.  We regained majority control of the Board of Finance electing Melissa Koller, Dick Bochinski and Allan Grauberd, and kept our majority on the Board of Education electing Denise Harvey and Sara Spaulding.  Incumbent Sally Korsh was re-elected to Planning and Zoning. 

 First Selectman Gayle Weinstein and Selectman David Muller were unopposed for re-election.  This was unprecedented in the history of local elections and recognition that the Board of Selectmen, under Democratic leadership, has achieved its goals of fiscal responsibility, social stewardship and efficient management of the Town’s resources. 

Other elected candidates include Zoning Board of Appeals: W. Macleod Snaith, Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate: Don Scarborough,  Board of Assessment Appeals: Marina Coprio, and Police Commission: Jeff Eglash and Susan Moch.  Our elected candidates will continue to work to achieve the goals that matter to our community:  good schools, manageable taxes, and smart town planning.

For more information or to get involved, email me at barbaraareynolds@gmail.com, sign up on this website or contact any members of the Democratic Town Committee.

Barbara Reynolds,


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